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If you need help staging your home- we provide those sevices to you. We bring in professional movers to help sell your home quicker.

Comparative Market Analysis

A CMA is a written report that identifies similar properties that have sold recently, or are currently on the market, in an effort to determine a realistic price for the subject property.

Market Preparation

Improving the condition of the home, “setting the stage” before showings, and knowing what to do when the property is being shown are just a few of the things that will help maximize the marketing efforts.  We’ll take time to examine your home and explore the alternatives to showcase your property.


We advertise on over 30 different websites including, and just to name a few.

Financing Alternatives

Attractive financing can actually shorten the marketing time and increase the sales price. We stay up-to-date with the types of mortgages that are available and maintain business relationships with mortgage professionals to provide choices.

Special Services

If you have to vacate the property prior to selling, special services can be arranged through outside vendors to help you with your specific needs such as: collecting the mail, removing advertisements, maintaining the yard, turning off the lights at night, and setting the thermostat at a reasonable temperature.

Marketing Factors

The role of the real estate community

The entire real estate community includes all of the companies, offices, and agents in the marketplace. We all work together to sell property in an incredibly efficient system of sharing information.

The multiplying effects of this cooperation will increase the promotion that is done on each and every property in the marketplace. It brings purchasers into the home buying process and after qualifying them to their wants, needs, and abilities, they can be directed toward the home that meets their require­ ments.

The pricing and positioning in the marketplace

Purchasers have a tendency to want to look at all of the available properties that meet their criteria. They will compare the homes according to value for price, condition, and appeal.

Even if the buyers are not familiar with prices in a particular area, after seeing a few homes, it is easy to determine whether a home is priced correctly.

Supply and demand has a direct effect on pricing. The subject property must be favorably priced based on location, condition, and terms compared to the other homes that a buyer will look at.

The role of marketing

Your agent’s objective is to get your home sold, not necessarily to be the one to actually sell it. The sheer number of other agents makes it more likely that someone else will sell it.

Your agent’s job as marketing coordinator will be to maximize promotional efforts, communicate the seller’s interests, and to use their experience to help the transaction go smoothly.

Marketing Plan

  • Perform a comparative market analysis, (CMA) Enroll the property in the Multiple Listing Service Place a FOR SALE sign on the property
  • Install a key box to facilitate ease of showings
  • Produce color information (or feature) sheets for inside the property
  • Install an information box to insert color feature sheets for drive-by prospects Promote property on our Web Site with multiple photos
  • Promote property on various Internet sites Conduct a tour with the agents from our office
  • Conduct a Broker’s Open House for agents with other offices to preview the property Notify the neighbors that the property is on the market
  • Notify the other agents that have properties for sale in the area about the property Conduct Open Houses for potential prospects to preview property
  • Monitor listing and sales activities to maintain competitive position in the marketplace Analyze financing alternatives for prospects
  • Follow-up on showings to obtain prospects’ and Realtor feed back Provide homeowner a market preparation tips


Relocating from the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Corridor Area let the Johnson Team assist in making it a seamless transaction.  Do you need assistance in moving companies, mortgage lenders, or finding the perfect Realtor, the Johnson Team can help.  We’ve spent the last two decades providing clients with helpful relocation information to make the transition just a little easier. Let us take the worries and stress out of your big move.  Please contact us for more details.

Tips for Showing Your Home


  • Lawns mowed, edged and green
  • Plants healthy and trimmed
  • Patio overhang clean and repaired
  • All weeds removed and ground cultivated
  • All gate latches working
  • Fencing in good repair
  • Side yards clean and groomed
  • Any necessary rock and/or mulch replaced
  • Driveway and walkway clean
  • Mailbox in good shape
  • Globe on light post clean, with high wattage bulb


  • Front door clean and operating with no squeaks
  • Doorbell working
  • Porch light and garage lights clean, with high wattage bulbs
  • Shutters in good shape
  • Window trim painted or stained
  • Garage door in working order
  • General paint in good condition, no excessive peeling/fading
  • Windows clean of dirt and spots


  • Walls free of hand prints and faded paint
  • Wallpaper firmly attached and clean
  • All trim clean, especially by doors
  • Doors working, no squeaks or sticky latches
  • All lights 100 watts or above (wherever possible)
  • Light switch plates clean with no fingerprints
  • Carpets clean and free of spots
  • All plumbing working, no drips or leaks
  • All cobwebs in corners, ceilings and around fixtures cleaned
  • Drapes or blinds clean and in good condition; rods in good order
The Johnson Team

The Johnson Team